Monday, July 25, 2011

Bikes and Cars

Photo via Steve Vance
 Today, Chicago celebrated its first protected bike lane with a ribbon cutting ceremony. As a bike and transit commuter, I applaud the City of Chicago and CDOT for implementing a safe route for bikers. More protected bike lanes are scheduled for construction and I couldn’t be happier. Many drivers on the otherhand, are pissed. Not just annoyed, but willing to kill you with their cars and probably would if there was no one around pissed (just read the comments section of this article).

I’ve dealt with these hate-crazed drivers all too often while on my bike. Yes, I will admit, sometimes their honks and four-letter words were justified as I ran a stop or two. But for the most part, I am a law-abiding cyclist like so many others in the City. It upsets me that so much anger is directed towards bikers as a whole, when it is the occasional cyclist who is cutting through traffic and running lights. With this much anger directed as bikers in a town that was named the 10th best biking city in America by Bicycling Magazine, I am curious as to how my bike commute will be as I prepare to move to the land of Carmageddon.  It may be more hostile, dangerous or dare I say, pleasant? Only time will tell, but I know one thing, I will never stop riding.

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