Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Broke Student Preparation

It has occurred to me that while at school I’ll be poor. Clearly I will not be homeless shelter, food pantry poor, but rather, supported on borrowed money poor. I have been scouring the UCLA work-study job board for any sort of job that pays above minimum wage or doesn’t require medical research lab technician skills. Curly’s inspirational encouragement about finding a service industry job (see previous post) has put my brow in a furrow. While I want to revel in my last few days of life in Chicago, soaking up every event , awesome restaurant and drop of booze I can handle, that voice of reason is beginning to shriek: YOU WILL NOT HAVE A PAYCHECK IN A FEW WEEKS TO PAY THIS OFF!!

This puts me in a pickle: Live in the present and enjoy the last of my days in the best city in the world or start pinching pennies?

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