Saturday, September 10, 2011

2477 miles down, 365 to go

Driving is rough. Four days in a row of driving is torture. How do truckers do it?

After a depressingly sad goodbye with Manfriend, my friend Suzy and I packed up a minivan and headed west. We drove through eight states and six state capitals, had one drunken fight/make-up, saw more corn than imaginable and had one bird casualty. Middle America is quite pretty in some parts. Here are the highlights from the Chicago to Cali road trip:
  • The Gateway Arch in St. Louis - the Gateway to the West is pretty darn big.
  • Kansas City for the first night where I watched Suzy eat authentic Kansas City BBQ (had to refrain being vegetarian and all)
  • Boulder for the 2nd night. This is the cutest, pot-smoking, friendliest, hippy-dippy place in America. Hands down. Loved it there.
  • The mix CDs the Manfriend made for me, so sweet that one is.
  • Wyoming. We didn't even know we were going to drive through this state, but it was just beautiful.
  • Salt Lake City for the final night where the Mountain Dew Skate/BMX tour was set up. I haven't seen that many teenagers dressed like skaters since, um, never.
  • Salt flats - miles and miles of SALT! It squishes down when you step through the crunchy surface.
Running to infinity

Finally we reached my parents' place in the Bay Area last night. I know I'm "home," or rather at the place where I grew up, where my family still lives, but I'm home sick. I miss Chicago. I miss my life in Chicago. I miss Manfriend.
Close-up of the salt flat. It looks like... Salt.

Tomorrow I drive down to LA. I am homeless and staying with a friend for a few days before I can move into my apartment. I wanted to be upbeat about starting school and learning, but I'm just depressed. I have to stop thinking about what I left behind and start thinking about what's ahead.


  1. Sounds like a great adventure. Try to stay positive. Better yet, have a pudding shot.

  2. I need you and your man friend back in my life!!!! no one is going to know if my cat eats me!!!!