Thursday, October 6, 2011

I thought math was for engineers

It's been a long time since I've done math. Math for the past few years has consisted of subtracting my rent check amount from the balance in my checking account to make sure the check doesn't bounce. Now I'm doing linear formulas and quadratic equations. NO ONE EVER TOLD ME PLANNERS DO MATH!!  I've met and worked with plenty of planners. Not one mentioned doing algebra. Is it some trick to lure future planners by showing them colorful master plans then BOOM! hit them with equations for marginal cost and price elasticity? So far it hasn't been too bad. But I'd much rather doodle and draw pretty streetscapes all day.

Boo math...

Yay drawing!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Yikes! Bikes!

Bike Tour!
Because I have nothing better to do (no job, no homework yet) I decided to volunteer for the first annual Creating a Bicycle Friendly Los Angeles County. I figured I could learn about what LA is doing to help my commute to school and do some networking. Here's the thing I realized, the "Go Bike!"-type activist community in LA is pretty damn small. I met people I had met before, and I haven't even lived in this town more than three weeks!  This time, however, I was sober.

The previous meeting with some of these people was the week prior at a brewery. Some classmates and I got wind of a post-bike related gathering at Angel City Brewing Co., and jumped at the chance for some good beer. I met a lot of people whose names I don't remember, which is among many things I apparently do not remember from that night. Anyway, I got to meet some people again in a more professional manner.

What would Snoop have to say about this?
The bike summit was held in Long Beach. Did you know that Long Beach has now dubbed itself the "Most bike friendly city in America"?? LONG BEACH?! They have to get some credit, though, with their buffered bike lanes and pretty nice bike station downtown. The leadership of the town is pretty damn amazing and I can only hope more cities jump on creating more bike-friendly communities. Although, it was pretty disturbing to read about bikers inhaling more soot than pedestrians. Yuck. 

Hooray for cycle tracks!
I had a lot more to say about this event earlier, but it's getting late and I'm tired. Manfriend came out for the weekend and I miss him like crazy already. I need a job.