Thursday, October 6, 2011

I thought math was for engineers

It's been a long time since I've done math. Math for the past few years has consisted of subtracting my rent check amount from the balance in my checking account to make sure the check doesn't bounce. Now I'm doing linear formulas and quadratic equations. NO ONE EVER TOLD ME PLANNERS DO MATH!!  I've met and worked with plenty of planners. Not one mentioned doing algebra. Is it some trick to lure future planners by showing them colorful master plans then BOOM! hit them with equations for marginal cost and price elasticity? So far it hasn't been too bad. But I'd much rather doodle and draw pretty streetscapes all day.

Boo math...

Yay drawing!


  1. I'm impressed with the math and the doodling. You're hired!

  2. Yay! Wait, I'm in too much debt for "volunteer" work experience, does your job pay?

  3. We'll work something out. I was just hoping you can balance my checkbook and draw dirty cartoons.