Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Curmudgeon

Is me. I have become a crochety old bag that need peace and quiet when I study. There was a time when I could drown out the din of everyday college life and focus, but those days are no more.

The other day, three girls were sitting across from me in the library, quietly discussing school work. The library was quite crowded and they were about the only ones talking. I was OK with that, it's academia after all and collaboration and discussion aid the learning process. The conversation then shifted to anecdotal story-telling. The volume increased. I can't write an econ paper with their high-pitched squeels! I can't! Finally, after debating the right approach I blurted out, "Hi ladies. Can you please do me a favor and shut the fuck up now?"

It got their attention and they quickly resumed quietly studying and I got my paper written. Then my brother said I was like that terrible girl who went on a rant at UCLA about the loud Asians in the library. I believe he mimicked the video saying "ching chong ching chong" (which is not racist if my brother says it because we're part Asian). Ok, the girls that were talking the library happened to be Asian, but I believe I would have said the same thing to girls or boys that were white, brown black or equally disruptive. And there was no tsunami happening either.

Here's a fun rant in response to Miss UCLA 2011.


  1. I think it's OK to say "shut the F up" so long as you say "please," which you did.

  2. I was raised to use polite words such as Please and Thank you. I'm pretty sure I said thank you. Maybe.