Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Today was a No Good Very Bad Day

Ever wake up and feel like something is wrong? I texted Manfriend that I had a funny feeling about today. I hate self-fulfilling prophecies.

I had a bad feeling about today...

I had to get to school early to print out a paper due today. I jumped on my bike and started riding toward school. About two miles into my five-mile ride, I realize the keys in my pocket had fallen out. I dropped them somewhere along a two mile stretch. I backtracked all the way home, finding nothing and freaking out. Every transient I saw rummaging the trash cans in the ally I thought might have the key to my apartment and it would only be a matter of time until he found out which one. I called my roommate in a panic and said he should make sure our renters insurance policy was in tact.

I couldn't get into my apartment, and I didn't even have the key to lock my bike up once I got to school. Defeated, I started riding back up to campus anyway. But then, like a ray of holy light, I saw my keys lying in the middle of an intersection. I ran and picked them up. I was flustered but relieved. I was also half an hour late to class and turned in a crap paper. Oh well.

I thought that was it. That the bad day was over. I felt better. Wrong.

At the end of the day, as winds gusted around 30mph, I dodged cars and fallen branches on my bike commute home. A black Audi SUV moved a bit to the right of the lane, so I had to move right... right into a fallen tree branch. Gears dug into my foot, the bike chain buckled, and I went splat right in front of the SUV. Maybe the driver was not the direct cause of the crash, after all, he didn't hit me and neither of us expected a giant fallen tree branch. What really got me is that he didn't even ask to see if I was OK. In fact, as I was sprawled out on the pavement, he tried to drive AROUND me!!!

What is wrong with people? I think that's what really irks me about this town. No, not everyone that lives in LA is a heartless jerk, but I've seen more here than most places. People are more concerned with their fancy cars as status symbols than the well-being of people.

Since traffic along the street is always crawling, I was able to put my chain back on, brush myself off and catch up with the driver. I was curious, who was this total dick? I knocked on the window and a late-twenty-something man rolled down the window.

Me:               Sir, are you aware that I crashed right in front of you?
Stupid man: (silence and a look of stupidity)
Me:              You veered over and I hit the fallen branch and fell.
Stupid man: I did not veer! You just crashed in front of me! I was driving straight! It's your fault you crashed!
Me:               But you didn't even look to see if I was OK
Stupid man:  (silence and a look of stupidity)
Me:               Where is your compassion?
Stupid man:  Whatever! I didn't veer! (rolls up window)

This guy is probably in LA, judging from the lack of people around to see if he's OK.
But at least someone got a picture, right?
So now I'm finally home, glass of wine in hand. I feel better. Manfriend also makes me feel better. Even if he is 2000 miles away, his support helps me get through the worst days, like today. Here's hoping for a better tomorrow!

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  1. I said "expexted?" What the hell is wrong with me. I'm working too hard.