Monday, January 30, 2012

How to be an urban observer and not look like a pedofile

I am taking a physical planning class and most of the projects are about really "getting to know" a neighborhood. We were supposed to pick a place in LA of which we had no prior knowledge, so I chose a little area in Venice that is supposed to be an arts district. Unfortunately, I got screwed because I split the area with another chick in the class (who later dropped) and got stuck with part of the 'hood that has maybe one art gallery, only two restaurants and is dominated by an elementary school.

The next assignment is to truly understand the land uses and interactions of people with the built environment, which includes documenting the comings and goings and demographics of the neighborhood, morning, afternoon and night. Well guess what? Kids will be going to school in the morning and you know what else? Kids will be leaving school in the afternoon. So my assignment is to profile the coming and going of kids ages 5-10.  Maybe I should just borrow my dad's glasses from the 70s and grow a mustache then call Chris Hanson from NBC and dare him to catch me. Maybe I should just dress like a Catholic priest? I'm talking about sitting for hours and staring at people who all are still in the single-digit age group here!

I decided to do some research to see what constitutes female pedofiles, and use that as "what not to do" examples. Turns out, most ladies who want to rob the cradle are targeting boys in high school. The instances of disturbed women looking at elementary schools for victims is a rarity. So when a concerned parent (or cop) comes up to me after creeping on their children, I can confidently say that I do not fit the female pedofile profile, but would they need a babysitter ever? I'm a student and short on cash.

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  1. I'd prefer for our neighbors' first impression NOT to be based on a state-mandated introduction process!