Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Bike and I are a Sad Statistic

I love my bikes. I love them both the same. Actually, I love one a little more than the other because I have spent far more money on it over the years. I wonder if that's how parents feel about their kids. Then clearly, I'd be the favorite child. But I digress. I love my bikes.

I remember the first road bike I ever bought. It was magic. All those gears, the light weight frame! Then I locked it up at the Walnut Creek BART station on my way to the City. When I came back, I found an empty rack. I guess I'm not the only one. My dad brought this article to my attention.

Walnut Creek has one of the highest rates of bike theft! So what can be done? Besides using a U-LOCK (now I know), how about locating the bike racks in place that has more foot traffic, then let's say, tucked away in an alley between the station and a parking garage? At least near the bus stop circle so that people waiting for a bus can ward off potential thiefs. Jane Jacobs would say we need more "eyes on the street." There is safety in numbers and perhaps safety for our precious bikes with better design.


  1. After I had a bike stolen, I got a folding bike. I don't leave it locked at the train station anymore - I take it on the train with me, and then I keep it at my desk at work. I never lock outside now, unless there's absolutely no other alternative.

    1. Chris - The Montague bikes are rad! I always think of them as these:
      I have since gotten paranoid and use a U-lock combined with wheel locks. Any other component requires an allen wrench.