Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Expo Line Fun!

I'm a plannerd. I know it. It can't be denied. I was so excited all day to take the new Expo Line home!
Today started off with taking the Rapid 10 from Santa Monica downtown. I put my bike on the front of the bus and got off near the Los Angeles Planning Department. There, I waited for over an hour to finally talk to a planner about a school project. Turns out, as a planning student, they don't ever teach you how to read a goddam zoning code! This shit is more confusing than linear algebra using matlab. But, the good planner lady (who confessed, "I tell you what, I don't even know most of this stuff. I just learn as I go") set me straight about the true meaning of FAR restrictions within a "D" condition zone.

Interned all day, met up with a friend for drinks, then jumped on the Expo Line at the Pico stop. I happened to sit near a couple who were trying to be inconspicuous with their permanent markers (really, wasn't working since I was getting a buzz off the fumes). I couldn't tell if they were trying to tag the beautifully new and clean rail car, or doodling. With my happy hour liquid courage, I asked what they were drawing. Turns out, they just went to the Fashion District and were writing their names on matching underpants! They just were hanging out exploring the city all day had no plans and were happy to ride the Expo Line for the first time like me. I told them I had to go home and do homework. That's when they told me they had the hook up for some good herb.

Now normally, I don't just take "drugs" from stranger on public transit, but these boys seemed nice. They said the herb would be good for my mental health. So I totally got set with some Ginko Baloba and St. Johns Wort! Yes! Herbal supplements rule! See? Public transit totally rocks.

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  1. They were two guys writing their names on matching underpants?