Thursday, September 6, 2012

How can we activate escalators?

If you're like me, an I'm-almost-about-to-be-late-but-if-I-powerwalk-and-and-make-some-strategic-jay-walking-decisions-I'll-make-it-right-on-time type of person, then you loath escalators. Usually it's faster to take the stairs, which makes no sense because an escalator is a moving staircase! It does a majority of the work for you, yet most people let technology do all the work for their bodies.

I see people hustle through the "L" platforms and rush through the pedway, but soon as they step onto an escalator, all movement stops. They just stand there. And stand and stand and wait and stand and wait until they have reached the top where they realize their legs can magically move again! This is not only a public health concern, but making me late! And a lot of people don't even have the respect to stand to the right of the escalator allowing those that choose to use their magic, muscle-powered legs and butts to walk past them on the left (whether they don't know to let people pass on the left or just don't care is beyond me).

So what about making it easier for people? I wrote an article last year about how point of decision prompts increase the usage of stairs instead of elevators. Why not use the same idea for escalators? Here's a fast and simple idea to increase movement on escalators:

I took this photo the other day and Nordstrom Rack on a power lunch shopping run (although it ended up being just window power shopping because I had to remind myself that I should not be spending student loan money on discount shoes). It irked me that I had to wait behind other bargain hunters, who clearly were power shopping like myself, but froze once on the escalator. With just a little spray paint and some stencils, would these signs get people moving?

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