Monday, May 13, 2013

Grad School Blues

It's official: I'm burnt out.

I was talking to my roommate the other day, which has become a rare occurrence. He is also in my urban planning program and we have very different, yet both very busy schedules. I mentioned to him that grad school has made me a cynical, pessimistic curmudgeon, and I feel that I do nothing but complain about everything (ironic because I was complaining that I complain too much). I used to be so happy-go-lucky, a glass half full-type, but these days I am just a wet blanket (even the manfriend commented on how argumentative and cranky I've become). The roommate said that over the course of our program, he has become unmotivated to do things he used to like doing, finds everyday tasks hard to wake up for, and is experiencing symptoms of depression. While I hope the roomie isn't truly depressed, at least I know we're sinking in the same boat, which brings a little bit of solace.

There are five weeks left of school before we graduate. We've been studying, interning, researching, writing, meeting, arguing, thinking, and killing ourselves since September 2011. It's exhausting, and then I remember, I am paying money (lots and lots of money) for this! Five more weeks, and this masochistic behavior comes to and end. I can't wait (or I could try riding a seal). Five. More. Weeks.