Thursday, August 22, 2013

Community Engagement

In the past, I would lament to friends and family about crummy, dangerous, and incomplete street conditions. My planning education has finally made me realize that I can help change things! I am now a fully engaged citizen.

The other night I joined Bike/Walk Lincoln Park, Active Transportation Alliance, 43rd Ward Alderman Michele Smith, and other community residents to survey a stretch of Clark Street between North Avenue and Armitage Avenue. When I lived in Lincoln Square, I traversed this stretch on almost a daily basis on my commute to the Loop. Now living in Lincoln Park, I use it just as much as before. There are no bicycle facilities, scary pedestrian crossings, some frighting merges, pinch points, strange intersection designs, and deathly slip lanes. Yet, after walking around and having a great discussion with communities members, it appeared almost everyone was on the same page: Road Diet! Read more about the event here.

Yay for community participation!


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  2. Lincoln Park is fun. Lots of great restaurants and lots of drunk 22-year-olds partying balls on a Tuesday.