Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Plannerd Alert!

My name is Jaemi and I'm an urban planning nerd. It took me a while to admit it, but I have now come to accept and embrace it. How do I know I'm a nerd? I check Streetsblog Chicago (and LA), the Atlantic Cities, and Curbed at least once a day. I point out bike corrals and people spots/parklets to people and tout their superiority over free parking. I know of future developments on parcels throughout the city. It truly hit me that I was nerding out when friend began to yawn as I explained the benefits of BRT over light rail.  How could BRT be boring?!

Tonight, I plan to reach new levels of urban planning nerdism by attending my first ever urban planning book club. Tonight's book: Planning Chicago. Squeee!!

Update 9:10 p.m.: Just got home. I am giddy to have found a smart, witty, and insightful group. No more will I babble on about planning policy to the manfriend as his eyes glaze over. No, now I have a plannerd outlet... and a signed copy of this book :)

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  1. That's not nerdy. If you said a "Star Trek" book club . . .