Monday, September 2, 2013

Can I Celebrate Labor Day if I Don't Currently Labor?

The job search continues. While the manfriend is out enjoying his day off playing beach volleyball, I am sulking at home. I am trying to stay upbeat, but this job search process, going on month number three, is disheartening. Friday and Saturday nights I picked up a couple shifts doing banquet catering. Running around serving drunks (typo, I'm keeping it), appetizers, salads, dinners, and desserts for 200+person weddings is some hard labor! My feet are still throbbing (please remember to tip your service workers!). I am laboring daily to find daily labor. In the meantime, I am seeking out every possible industry networking opportunity and trying to stay in-the-know with up-to-date planning issues. Also, look at these snazzy new business cards that came in this weekend!

I know the job search takes time. Plus, moving back to Chicago has put me at a disadvantage over staying in LA. I am determined to do what I love and am not going to quit! Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...

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  1. Hi Jaemi- I came across your site randomly. These are nice business cards; love the graphic. Good luck on your job search! I am a planner in Los Angeles. If you are interested, check out my site/articles at: